Counselor's Corner

My name is Ms. R. Vasquez. I am the school counselor for Dovalina Elementary.

I want to let you know I will do my best in offering my assistance to you in order to help your succeed.

The elementary school years are a time of dramatic change and growth for students. This is a time when young minds, hearts, and spirits are forming and are being molded into future adults. As a counselor, I believe my mission is to help our young students not only find their way, but also find their voices as caring, responsible, an respectful members of society. 


What is a School Counselor? 
A school counselor is an individual who supports and focuses on the needs, interests, and issues related to the various stages of student growth.  The school counselor assists students, teachers, families, and administrators.


What does a School Counselor do?

A school counselor promotes educational success by supporting the development of academic skills and self understanding. School counselors also educate students in character building, decision making, problem solving, goal setting, and self-esteem.

Services School Counselor Provides
Individual Counseling
Small Group Counseling
Classroom Guidance Lessons

There are numerous ways you can contact me: come by my office, leave me a note, send me an email, or call and leave a voicemail.

Ms. R. Vasquez
School Counselor
Room 202
956-273-3309 - - office 
956-307-8446 - - call or text (Google Voice)

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